Associate Starter Level

Are you ready for a Quantum Leap? Become an Associate at our Starter level.

Our team is going to work with and assist Associates at Starter Level to complete deals, if accepted. We are averaging (as of 10/2018 update) $24,750 on our AO deals and over $74,500 on our TERMS deals (all 3 Paydays). We’ll share all strategies and techniques to help you do the same over time.

We’ll be assisting you to buy and sell houses and it doesn’t matter to us where they are located. You’ll do so with little ($10-$100) to no cash investment. You’ll deal mostly with lease options and owner financing, depending upon what state you’re in. Some will likely be assignments. Some you may stay in. We’ll advise what we would do and you ultimately make the decision.

There will be No Bank Owned Properties, No REHABS, NO SHORT SALES, NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS, NO LOANS TO GET, NO CREDIT REQUIRED, NO COSTLY ENTANGLEMENTS or other junk most people think comes with real estate. Best of all, you don’t need your own cash!

We will set up a split. We will remain as a Consultant to you until you have made $300,000 in profits and we have earned $300,000 in Consulting fees (subject to change) and then if you feel you don’t need us anymore, we’ll part company. We’re not after long term marriages but of course we’d be thrilled to continue with producers who are good to work with and get things done. Heck, usually those relationships lead to even bigger and better deals together over time.

Please do your own gut check before responding because we only want the serious people – those interested in a Quantum Leap this year and beyond (we have no idea how long it will take you to reach the cap – we’ll know more as we start helping you).

If you know us or have studied some of our material, then you know our systems work. Our little family business buys homes every month here and another 5-10 around the country monthly with our Associates. Frankly, we’re only looking for people who have the proper expectations and work ethic. So, if you meet the requirements below, we’d suggest you respond quickly.

THIS IS NO PITCH TO SELL YOU SOMETHING. We’ve got our machine well oiled, predictably spitting out deals every month and we would be happy to assist you to create the same.

All we need from you is an application filled out and if we feel we’re a match, someone from our team will call you to set up a call with Chris personally. He’ll answer all your questions and tell you exactly how we’ll go about potentially making big MONEY, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

If we both decide it’s a go, we’ll get started immediately. If not, you’ve invested a few minutes to learn our plan so maybe you can do it without us.

Here’s the basic requirements you should consider when  applying:

  • If you have a nasty personality with a chip on your shoulder looking for someone to blame for all the bad things that have happened to you, don’t apply! I’m not a shrink and don’t have time to fix things.
  • We prefer to consult and work with people who already buy and sell houses and want to get to the next level as fast as possible, or someone who has dabbled in real estate enough to know the basics. If you haven’t done at least three deals in your business, or owned at least 2 rental properties in your life, it may be a little early to work with us and one of our other programs may be a better fit. Our personal call with you will determine that. However, we have some very good and very profitable associates/students who did start with zero experience.
  • You must have an income large enough now to support your family. We don’t want the pressure of working with someone who must do a deal to put food on the table. You won’t be writing big checks or using your credit to buy houses but you will have a little operating cost and to be blunt because that’s our style – if your mindset is focused on paying your next house payment, we doubt you’d be able to focus on making the big money and developing a business. Chris knows this personally going from almost broke, millions in debt …to debt free and doing 2-5 deals monthly (you think you could learn some of that from him?) and we can tell you the mind set is quite different. You’ll get the right mind set in time with us.
  • You can’t be afraid to speak with people. We’ll be dealing with sellers together and sometimes someone from our team is on the phone with you and for you, but you’ll be visiting their homes after prescreening and your communication skills will likely be the difference between deal or no deal. Don’t confuse this with expertise. We’ll supply that and will be talking with the seller by phone for you/us.
  • You must follow instructions. We’ll be available to you but will require, not request, you follow the simple steps we lay out as we go through the deals. We may even visit you if warranted and/or if you’re in one of our Associate Programs that offers that.
  • You must devote the time required to get the job done. We’d say you’ll need at least 10-15 hours a week but honestly that’s plenty if you follow instructions.
  • You’ll need a $24,700 deposit which will not be refunded if you later decide you don’t want to work anymore with us

We’ll be working with a written agreement and if we take title to a property it will be in your entity. We have enough tax returns to get prepared every year and don’t need more and, as Associates with you, we trust the relationship and agreements we have and will be receiving a % of your deals for our Consulting/ Associate fee.

All your other questions will be answered on our call so if you meet the above requirements, fill out the form and email me back personally someone from the team will then call you to set a date and time for the call.

Let’s make some profits together.

Think HUGE!

P.S. We charge $7,500 for a day’s consulting in our office and $10,000 for a visit to you. We’ll be working with you for months -maybe a year or more – and certainly won’t do it for a mere $24,700. If this deposit is a big issue for you, we understand. Maybe another time or maybe you can work out a payment plan with us or perhaps one of the finance vendors we can refer you to.  Many have used their IRA or 401k and the expense if fully deductible of course.

P.P.S. If you are a present or past student, associate or member, you are THE BEST FIT because you have your systems set up and you will be considered first.  You will be applying some or all of you money already paid so it’s even easier for you.

P.P.P.S. Above, I mentioned averages that we and/or our present students are experiencing. Does that mean you’ll experience that? We don’t know you. We don’t know your skill sets. We don’t know your financial position. There are not guarantees made and your experience could be different. That’s entirely up to you.

All our Associates now have full use of and can utilize with their buyers and sellers on the National Associates Team Website at


Please note that Chris Prefontaine or Chew Publishing, Inc. DBA/ SmartRealEstateCoach.com earnings are in no way average and that any examples provided should not be considered typical as your results will vary on many factors. If you think you can get rich by simply clicking a button or allowing others to do all the work than we recommend you do not invest your money in any educational program or business tools it will not be a good investment. Our team is here to support you and we hope that you make buying decisions because you are also dedicated to success.

From time to time we send emails promoting other company’s products or services and may earn commission for doing so. It is important to realize that while we only send products that we believe will help your business, we do not recommend investing into anything without doing you own due diligence. Like with anything in life, in order to succeed you will need to put forth effort and be persistent. And finally, any information provided is education and cannot be taken as legal or financial advice.

We are not attorneys. Laws change in every State from time to time. Always check with your attorney before buying and/or selling real estate for the applicable laws, etc. These laws may or may not affect some of the techniques we teach. There are no laws to our knowledge that can STOP you from profiting in real estate, but you'll need to seek a qualified local real estate attorney.

As of the posting of this disclosure, we are aware of laws in the following areas that are different from the other States. This is not all inclusive and only those that we are aware of:

  • Texas-lease/purchase restrictions unless you comply with local changes.
  • Maryland-foreclosure laws within 20 days of foreclosure. We don't teach foreclosure. Some restrictions buying subject to existing mortgages.
  • North Carolina-comply with 3-day right of rescission as well as recording agreements when doing lease/purchase.
  • California -Foreclosure property laws. We don't teach foreclosure.

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