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“Just want to let Chris know how excellent I think the new video course is. Although I haven’t finished it, Chris is definitely answering so many of the questions and issues I’ve had as I learn the ropes.  In fact, he is addressing exactly the kinds of subjects I listed as wanting to cover in this weekend’s master mind event.” Claudia D.

“Chris, I’m almost through the QLS video course with just a few more videos to go. There’s some really great stuff in there. It definitely has filled in many of the blanks for me. I like to think that I had a fairly good grasp on the concepts that are being taught but the video course is tying everything together for me… My wife, Danielle, hasn’t been as involved in the business thus far but she also has been going through the videos so that she can have a better understanding of the terms and concepts when we arrive this weekend. After viewing the first few videos that explained the income potential and putting the numbers in perspective, Danielle is also excited to learn more. Thanks for the continuing education as well as the JV support that you, Nick, Kayla and Zach have provided. I can tell that 2017 is going to be a big year!”

Sean H.


“Great content and solidified mostly what I knew and learned some new things as well.  I liked the first few videos that laid out the specifics of bottom amounts to cover living expenses and actual leads / deal, etc.  Also, prompted some additional questions that I never thought of that would like to discuss as well.

Overall, well scripted, detailed, and step by step of the overall process.  Well worth it as I intend to go through a couple more times even though I took notes.

Thanks again.”

Don S.

Have you ever thought you’d like to jump into real estate (or crank up your existing real estate) but you hesitated because you THOUGHT you needed credit and/or your cash?

Are you soooo busy earning a paycheck and just getting by so that you can’t take time to make any real money?

Are you thrilled with your bank account right now? So much so that you could stop working and NOT RELY on family, friends or the Government to live exactly the way you want?

If you don’t like your answers, this video series will show you how I earn over $50,000 a month from homes in great neighborhoods needing no repairs and using none of my own money or credit. I lay out the exact steps needed to replicate my system- over and over again…

What you can expect to learn from the course & achieve after course completion:

  • The numbers required to accomplish your goals ( ratios for leads to appointments, appointments to contracts and contracts to check in hand).
  • Systems and vendors necessary to run the transaction machine.
  • You will become a Transaction Engineer doing multiple deals monthly on auto pilot with the ability to structure a deal for any type of lead.
  • Necessary support and team systems as you ramp up.
  • A completed, predictable, easy to follow business plan.
  • Accountability throughout the course and ongoing if you desire-I’ll mention items to accomplish before your call
  • You get free equity and principle pay down benefits by taking over the property or controlling the property and ultimately cashing out.

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