Quantum Leap 2017 Fall Event

Quantum Leap Meeting 2017- Reserve your Spot Now!

October 5-7th, 2017

Newport, RI

Cambria Hotel & Suites Newport
240 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI, 02842, US
We do have a room block for our guests at this location
Call to book a room: 401-236-2020 (brand new facility!)
Other recommendations- In Middletown: Hampton Inn & Suites Middletown, Howard Johnson Inn, The Sea Breeze Inn… In Newport: Pelham Court Hotel, Bouchard Inn, The Attwater, Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina, Hotel Viking

“Why should I come to the event?”

  1. Making great connections- people looking to better themselves (Speakers and other JV Partners like you!)
  2. Get live interactions with the Team.
  3. Learn practical steps that can be applied immediately to your business.
  4. Hear from the Team how we do 3-4 homes each and every month without using our cash or credit and how you can as well with an A-Z Step by Step system!
  5. If you’re brand new and not doing deals yet, this can be your launching pad.
  6. Social Proof.  You will see that we literally do what we say and practice this in our business everyday.  Also you will hear from and see other successful investors that are doing the same types of deals that we are in different areas of the country.
  7. Clarity.  You will leave with a personalized plan for your business.  That will include action steps that we will hold you accountable to!

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Walk away from our 2017 QLS Event with $ CASH $ and a Cruise!

Quantum Leap 2016

Quantum Leap 2016

Quantum Leap 2016

Quantum Leap 2016

Quantum Leap 2016

Quantum Leap 2016

Walk away from our 2017 QLS Event with $ CASH $ and a Cruise!

Who? All JV Partners - all 3 JV Levels
What? All deals done in 2017 count even if done before becoming a JV Partner so keep doing deals!
Type of deals that count:
  • All properties bought and sold on TERMS.
  • A Cruise for 2 people will be given away for most deals done.
  • Cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Separate raffle for all participants - Cash Prizes!
ENTRY for raffle tickets:
  • If JV Starter Program Member: 1 ticket per deal under contract and 1 for deal sold.
  • If 5-Day Immersion Member: 2 tickets for each side of your deals.
  • If High 6-Figure Member: 3 tickets for each side of your deals.

Here is Just a Small Glimpse from the 2016 Event

Thanks for leading a phenomenal event last weekend. It was great to get input from your entire team including your attorney and joint venture partners. Even as a fairly seasoned investor I made 16 pages of notes and recorded 36 action steps that I will be implementing in the next two weeks just from the one day we convened. The event was pure substance, highly inspiring, and one I plan to attend again for as long as you and your team offer it. My fourth quarter results in terms of real profit are likely to increase dramatically more than the investment made in attending the event. Again, thanks for being so generous in sharing real world techniques and tips that truly work to create profitable checks.

Joel S.

Chicago and Las Vegas

The QLS course is conveniently communicated through videos so that you’re able to view it over and over until you can “feel” the tone and tenor of Chis’s presentation. This lets you leap forward in your effectiveness with Sellers.

James Watts, JV Partner

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  • Current Member Discounts
  • Smart Real Estate Members use Promo Code MEMBER10 to get 10% Off
  • Coaching Clients and JV Members use Promo Code COACHING20 to get 20% off
  • 5 Day Immersion and High 6 Figure Members –FREE
  • *Discounts will be applied in the cart
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The Quantum Leap event was hugely motivating for me. Thiswas my first workshop and I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone in attendancewas encouraging and friendly. I loved having enough time to get to know theother members and network in depth. The presentations were insightful andunderstandable, even for people with a basic level of experience. Within 24hours, I was scheming and planning how to implement the insights I gained. Asusual, Chris broke down bluntly how to make deals happen in real life, and howto adapt our goals to our individual schedules. The books he gave us have alsobeen a huge help in that department. I’m halfway through one and can’t wait tostart the other. Over the past couple of months, I had fallen into a rut, but Ifelt completely turned around when I got home and got to work. The eventclearly increased my confidence and the results were immediate, as I startedfinding and calling FSBOs and following up with old leads. Thank you Chris andfamily for being supportive and inspiring!

Kate M.

Rhode Island

Featured Speakers

Ted Thomas




Attorney Adam Thayer

Growing up, I never doubted that I would one day become a lawyer.  The law is my family’s business.   One of my grandfathers was the police chief and the other was the town administrator in my home town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  My father, Mark Thayer, has been practicing law in Newport since 1985.
I first worked for Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP with my younger sister when we were in high school, helping to scan files and make copies.  In law school I branched out and worked with other firms in Newport and Fall River and also spent a semester clerking for the Rhode Island Attorney General in Warwick.   In my final semester of law school, I returned to Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP where I assisted with the Immigration practice.
After law school I was hired as a full time associate with the firm, practicing in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.   I initially worked mostly on residential and commercial real estate closings; however, I have since branched out and now also handle civil litigation, personal injury, DUI defense, municipal law, and landlord tenant cases as well.
I truly enjoy my work and the practice areas that I have settled into.   I always have a diverse array of cases, each with their own challenges, which has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the local laws and rules of practice.
I take great pride in being an attorney at the firm that I grew up with.   The Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area is my home, and I look forward to growing along with the community that we serve.Real Estate Attorney who handles all of Chris’ Rhode Island Deals

Paul and Joanne Ritter from MyCreditTeam.com

Paul Ritter has over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage and credit enhancement industries. He has developed software, which invokes underwriting guidelines for many mortgage companies. He has formerly owned and operated several mortgage companies. He is currently the owner of Credit Investigation Service, DBA My Credit Team that specializes in credit enhancement for the Real Estate Investor Industry and owns a Business Credit building company. Paul is well versed in identity theft protection and repairing a credit report after an ID theft incident. As a sought after speaker for many REIA organizations he is an expert in his field. 

Paul Dion
Lindsay Floyd- American Financial

Chris, Zach, Kayla and Nick,

I purchased QLS back in November. I have to say I was a bit skeptical, I have been in real estate since 1992, but the course is packed with information that you can use today to purchase properties with little or no money out of pocket, with no credit and more importantly, generate huge profits. Chris and his team are not just teaching a course, they do this every day and they know their stuff. If you are willing to put forth the effort and follow what they teach you will be successful.


Dave Mulvaney

The 2016 QLS Event was great! There was a ton of great content. Besides the exceptional training that we received, it was great to be able to meet the other investors that I’ve engaged with on past Mastermind Calls. Going around the room with the Hot Seat was a big help to see that everyone had the same time constraints and many solutions were provided to overcome the obstacles that we may come across. It was interesting to learn of the different backgrounds of all of the attendees – some with no real estate background, some with years of experience, some that come with experience in fix and flips, some that buy and hold, some that are just starting with terms deals. That showed me that when you talk to a home seller, you should be open to multiple approaches to a possible deal. The additional presentations on website marketing, working with an attorney and Joel’s presentation on higher end deals and posturing were also very informative.
In addition to all of the above, it was great to see how your family is involved in the business and the different roles that each of your family members take on in the business. Everyone is truly dialed in to each aspect of the business, being an expert in their own role but at the same time, each seems that they’d have no problem easily stepping in to one another’s role. That also led to me having a better understanding of how best to scale my own business as it grows. Danielle was also very impressed with the event and came away with a better understanding of the business and is excited to become more involved.
We can’t wait until the 2017 Event and I’m glad that we were able to be a part of this one!

Thanks again.

Sean H.