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We have a wide array of options for you to get involved to get involved with us on a more personal level. We have something for every budget and can be as hands on as you’d like it to be. From online training to a visit here in our hometown, we have it all. Choose our level of involvement below.

Membership to Smart Real Estate Coach

Online membership with access to the entire site

  • 3 Options for Membership
  • Video lessons that include the good, bad and ugly of live deal walk throughs! No Candy Coating – The Real Stuff the other Mentors won’t tell you!
  • Live audios of Chris and his team talking to sellers and buyer and closing deals!
  • All the documents Chris and his team use to get deals done! They paid 10’s of thousands of dollars so you don’t have to!
  • Videos with LIVE Buyer & Seller Meetings, lessons to Increase Profits & LIVE Deal Structuring.
  • Weekly lessons where Chris talks to you via desk top video lets you know mistakes made and successes celebrated
  • Access to Team Members
  • Email Support for Q & A and Deal Structuring
  • 10% Discounts on Selected Products & Programs
  • THIS MEMBERSHIP IS FREE FOR 5 Day Immersion and High 6-Figure Protected Partnership.
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Mastermind/Group Coaching

Learn & Share from the Best!

A group that gets together weekly via phone to discuss deals/questions/comments/concerns-Learn from others and have others learn from you.


  • 8 Weekly Round table calls with the Mastermind Group, Chris and his team.
  • 8 week sessions – 8 calls – 1 hour each weekly
  • Unlimited email access for 2 months
  • Membership to Smartrealestatecoach.com Required
  • FREE for 5 Day Immersion & High 6-Figure Protected Partnership Levels
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Club Level

A solution to the other JV Programs being too rich for you at the moment.
*SREC Membership and QLS Home Study Course are Prerequisites

We set up a Field Agent in your Area and supply 10 leads to start you off!
Partner with the experts to take you to the next Leap

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Be the Expert in Your Area with our Help- Joint Venture Partnership Program...

JV Starter Partnership*

*SREC Membership and QLS Home Study Course are Prerequisites

We set up a Field Agent in your Area and supply 20 leads to start you off!
Joint Venture with our team. Begin to learn from experts NOW…


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Coaching/Mentoring from Chris and his Team

*SREC Membership and QLS Home Study Course are Prerequisites

  • Mentoring as needed to accomplish yearly goal
  • 2 Day office visit with Access to Chris’s personal team
  • Weekly scheduled calls for 6 months and calls & emails as needed months 7-12.
  • Unlimited emails
  • Free full participation on Master Mind Groups for 1 year.
  • By Application Process Only
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Immersion with Chris in your market meeting with your sellers!

Immersion & JV Partnership and Guaranteed Deals!

*SREC Membership is a must as we refer to all of our documents, audios and videos for learning tools- FREE

  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Mastermind
  • 2 Day office including Business Game Plan included*
  • Done for you website included
  • Quantum Leap Video Series Course
  • Guaranteed leads
  • 2 Deals Handed to you
  • and much, much more….

Credits apply if you are in an existing program
*Financing may be available

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High 6 Figure JV Protected Area Partnership - YOU WILL BE A PROFITABLE EXPERT!

High Six Figure Income Partnership with Chris and his Team- Guaranteed 10 Deals!!!

Includes everything in the Immersion Package AND:

  •  Visit to your market
  • 2 Day office visit including Business Game Plan included         **Business Game Plan Day* We fly you in and supply a hotel room for you for one night (you can bring a guest)
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Mastermind ($997 total valueper 8 wk session)
  • Done for you website included ($3200 total value)
  • Quantum Leap Video Series Course
  • Land Course access
  • Lead generation with Field Agents, VA’s and high end purchased leads
  •  Guaranteed 10 Deals!!!
  • Protected territory so none of our other partners will be competing!
  • Opportunity to partner with smartrealestatecoach.com on coaching and shared revenue for your area with Chris & Team after 3 deals are completed.
  • and much, much more….

Credits apply if you are in an existing program
*Financing may be available

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We are a husband and wife team who have each been in the real estate industry for over 20 years total, 11 of those being full-time.  We have worked with other real estate coaches, and we were at a point where we really needed some help with not only doing deals but with our overall business.  We started talking with Chris, and not long thereafter, he started the mastermind group.  We jumped at the opportunity to get our foot in the door to see if this would be a good fit for us.  We are about halfway through our group calls and have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the experience.  The small group format allows all of us time to talk about our businesses and ask questions and share with everyone, and Chris is very adept at offering advice for any struggles we are having and giving us direction for where to go next.  It is also a great motivator to have the call each week, and Chris is very motivating on our calls as well.  It’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind, and each week we find that the group call helps to bring back our focus. We enjoy sharing our own successes and struggles and also hearing about the successes and struggles of other students, as we all learn not only from Chris but from each other.  To that point, the calls have really been instrumental in having a “safe” forum to bring our questions and know that Chris and the others are there to help and that we’re not alone.  Chris has a huge breadth of knowledge about the real estate industry and is actually doing deals day-in and day-out in his own very successful real estate business.  His generous willingness to with-no-holds-barred share that knowledge and experience with us combined with his heartfelt desire to help others succeed and make a difference in their lives has been a huge gift for us.  And this is only the beginning!  We were so taken by Chris’ genuine desire to help us in ALL aspects of our business and lives (not just with doing deal-structuring) that we made the decision to coach with Chris one-on-one as well.  So now we are able to work with him multiple times a week between our one-on-one calls and the group calls.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we know that with Chris by our side to celebrate our highs and coach us through our lows, we are going to come out the other side as better investors and better people.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, Chris.

Tami and Jeff S.

Having participated in Chris’ Mastermind calls for the past 6 weeks, I have been able to grow my business and expand on the skills that I learned and continue to learn while participating in Chris’ coaching program. Being a part of a small group of mastermind members has provided support and inspiration from other real estate investors who have varied levels of experience.  The calls provide a forum to have my own questions answered as well as hearing the questions that others have come upon  in their businesses. This exchange of information has led to exchanges of helpful information being shared within the group and that information has helped to streamline my business. Aside from the knowledge gained, the Mastermind group has been a great source of accountability and has resulted in increased productivity in my business. I look forward to continuing to participate in Chris’ Mastermind calls as I continue to grow my business and strive to meet my business goals.

Sean Hannigan

Police Officer

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