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From Brian Bo****** from Ohio

We utilized the 6-Month Coaching option as we were already doing deals and were looking to make adjustments for growth. Chris Prefontaine truly is "the Smart Real Estate Coach". This guy brings a great level of personal professionalism and understanding to the table when dealing with new coaching students and jv partners. He is upbeat and energetic, plus always positive and cuts out the fluff to get straight to business in the friendliest manner possible. Our team is looking forward to continuing our relationship with Chris and his family to create a stronger bond that will allow us to constantly improve ourselves and our business so we can do fantastical things in this world.

Sincerely, Perfect Home Buyers.

Don S in Pa

Here is my second deal sold this week as I write this and 3rd deal since working with you, I just met the buyers today for a meeting to collect their $1,000 binder on a $500K dollar house where we are looking to close on December 9th and the profits are Huge!

This house was free and clear, 2,800 sq. ft., Solar energy fed, and on 30 acres of land and the seller was looking to move to Texas to be closer to his kids.  He had trouble selling and did not like the offers he was given as he was looking to get around $400K and was willing to subdivide the land to keep it in clean and green and in Pennsylvania, that just means lower property taxes.  Time was on our site as he wanted to get moving with the winter and Holidays approaching.

I contacted the seller and he was willing to do terms and just needed to understand the details.  So I asked Chris to follow up to see if we could do something with the land and / or get this under agreement.  After many conversations Chris had with the seller, he did not want a lease purchase in case something happened while he was in Texas so we agreed to owner financing principle only payments and to cash out in 24 months.  We had it re-surveyed and kept 10.25 acres of land for a purchase price of $420,000 because he actually was happier that we didn’t want all the land to develop.  When Chris called him he was going to go the subdivide and develop route or single lot with home- whichever the seller wanted as he was getting calls from developers and preferred the family compound around it NOT be developed.

Long story short here, Chris worked with the seller over a few phone and email conversations on a somewhat creative custom deal where we would purchase and NOT contingent on finding a buyer within a 2 month timeframe.  The seller was wanting to join their family in Texas and be moved by Thanksgiving.  I was not a big fan of this being new to the game but trusted Chris and team in addition to PA has a 2% transfer tax cost as well and I didn’t know how we’d pull that off.  I was little nervous with taking this leap and trusted Chris and team and texted him one day letting him know that I didn’t want to get caught with my pants down and come out of pocket with all that cash if we don’t find a buyer.  He said, deep breath, then you just pull them back up… We’ll find a buyer.  So here we are, with a solid buyer that will cash us out in 24 months.  We have the buyer set up to sign with our attorney the same day as the purchase on our end on 12/9/16.

As we were marketing this house, Chris had mentioned that he and his team could help with the buyers with their Buyer Done-For-Your Service that his son Nick runs for the team and allow me to focus on the seller side and getting ramped up to add an assistant or some family help to train of my own.  I agreed which was a great help and added to the success in getting the deal done within the timeframe for the seller to leave town.  It was a win-win and well worth the time and very little effort for such a big payday and his team basically delivered a buyer 100% done and ready to meet me to give the binder.

Here are the details about the deal.
Purchase Price - $420,000
Sales Price - $499,900
Monthly Payment to Seller - $1,540 (100% Principle pay down)
Monthly Payment from Buyer - $2,100
Payday #1 - $64K all total deposits
Payday #2 - $13K roughly depending upon cash out date
Payday #3 - $52K ($79k back end plus $37K principle paydown minus $64K deposit)

Total profit is $129K  (Cha Ching!!)
I couldn’t thank Chris and team enough for the mentoring, guidance, phone calls, texts, etc.  Overall, if you are on the fence about getting a mentor / partner to help you succeed in this business, you won’t find a more dedicated and honest group of people to work with.  I know, I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollar working with other gurus and folks over the years with little to no deals.  Chris and his team are the real deal and are available every day. The three deals with them so far netted us $66,000, $129,000 and $41,000.  See the simple $41,000 below.

Thanks again and looking to more profitable deals. I’m loving the $236,000 pay day with you in 3 deals!

Sal B

Hi my name is Sal, I was an investor in the good old days of 2004-2007 until everything blew up. I took a break for a while until now. I have dozens of books, courses, watched webinars, videos, and been to many bootcamp seminars, I have spent tens of thousands. When I saw Chris and how he ran his real estate investing business I knew that he had what I needed to get back on my feet and into the investing business again. His QLS course is spot on. He breaks down exactly what you need to succeed and how the terms investing really works step by step. I have a lot of courses and his by far surpasses all of them. if you are a new investor and want to learn the true way of buying and selling on terms then this course is a must watch. if you are an old time investor like I was then this will add to your ways of investing and teach you new techniques. But what is even better is how he shows you a system to do multiple deals and not get stuck doing one at a time. I just signed up as a JV partner and I have accomplished more in 1 month then I have tried doing it my old way in the last 9 months. Thanks Chris and team! looking forward to doing many many deals together.

Sergio Ortega

Once Again another successful closing to happen next week. Only took approx 30 days from contract to close. Originally contracted with owner for $175k with $4k down, but after finding out tenant/buyer was going to have less of a down payment coming in I was able to negotiate no money down and just increase the price by $180k. Here is the break down.
Purchase price: $180k Owner Finance for 48 month term
Outgoing Payment: $1000 month principle payments only
Sale Price: $223k
Incoming Payment: $1650 mth
Payday #1 - down payment: $6000
Additional Payday #1 - extra payment: $300 mth for 7 months
Additional Payday #1: down payment through the next 2 years of $8k 2018 and $8k 2019

Total down throughout term: $24,100
Payday #2: Cash flow every month: approx $500x36=$18k
Payday #3: Back end profit after sale: $67k
Total profits approx $109,000

Sergio Ortega

Hi All,

I want to thank Chris and His Team again for another successful transaction. Here are the details.

Source: Virtual Assistant

Free and clear Single Family Home

Purchase Price: $172k

Payments: $850 mth principle payments only

Term: 48 months

Sold: $198,000

PMT: $1300 mth

Term: 36 months

Total Profits;

Payday #1: $10k non-refundable down payment and another $10k during term

Payday #2: $16,200(monthly payment cash flow for 36 months)

Payday #3: $36,600($198k-$20k-principle paydown)

Total profit all 3 paydays: $72,800

Thanks again Chris and Team for all the help. On to the next one.

Palm Bay FL

Mike Ryan, NJ

The membership site so far has been a goldmine so I’m happy to still be going through it.


Chris, here is another deal, my 3rd actually which is about to be sold this week so two in one week.  Not bad for a rookie.

This deal was my neighbors first house that has been vacant for a couple of years and they were just looking to get rid of it.  It’s an old farm house that was updated with a few additions, about 2,600 sq. ft. on 3 acres. They had trouble with selling through a Realtor and on their own.  It took several discussions as they could not decide whether they wanted us to stay in the deal or assign back to them.  I told them we could get an agreement signed and I’ll put it out on the market to see what we get for buyers and they could decide from there.  Within a week I had 32 phones calls and about a dozen or so emails.  There were 3 buyers that I spoke with that were serious, one showing, and now we are setting up the buyers meeting after Thanksgiving.  I didn’t even get a chance to get back to all the other buyers as we found a good strong buyer with some decent cash and will allow us to collect our entire AO fee in about 18 months or less.  The kicker here is that we are keeping 100% of the deposit versus sharing with the seller.

Here are the details for this AO.
Purchase Price - $210,000
Sales Price - $249,900
Payday #1 - $41,100 all total
- $10K by 12/9 deposit plus first month’s rent ($1,100)
- $5k on 3/3017
- $5k on 6/30/17
- $5k on 9/30/17
- $5k on 12/30/17
- $5k on 3/30/17
- $5k on 6/30/17

Total profit is $41K
Thanks again for all the help and support. It’s greatly appreciated.

Sergio Ortega


Just want to give a shout out to Chris and his team once again on another successful JV deal. Seller came from yellow letter returned mail expired after a year on MLS. They agreed to sell for full asking price from original listing on terms owner finance. After marketing, 30 days later we found a buyer and assigned our terms over to them for a fee. There were a few hiccups with seller wanting to back out but chris convinced them after a few phone calls and some verbiage changed on the contract for their comfort level. We will be closing in next 2 weeks.. Here are the numbers.
Purchase price $559k
$1500 principle payments for 48 months

Sold those terms for assignment of $52k. Buyer very happy.

Thank you again chris for all the help. Not a bad check. Total time invested including 2 trips to home and phone time approx 24 hrs. On to the next one.