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SmartReal Estate Coach Chris Prefontaine and his wife KimChris Prefontaine

Chris has been in real estate for 25+ years and has built over 100+ single family homes (1990’s), has owned a Realty Executives Franchise (Massachusetts 1994-2000) and eventually sold his brokerage business as a realtor to Coldwell Banker in 2000. The 2000’s included coaching people throughout US and Canada and doing condo conversions (multi family homes to condos) and “raise the roof” projects (converting single family ranches to colonials in growth neighborhoods).
Chris has been a big advocate of constant education and has participated annually in high end mastermind group ($25,000 each) personally with Ron LEGRAND. He also does JV deals with Ron Legrand for the $1mil + properties. Chris’s company Pre Property Solutions buys between  4-10 properties monthly and a large percentage of those are done via lease/options as well as selling via special terms lease. Chris and his family/team has done over 75 million in real estate transactions. Chris also coaches others throughout the country to do the same. He has passion in helping others in allowing them to grow to their full potential.



Nick Prefontaine

Nick grew up in the Real Estate industry from an early age.  Everything from cleaning out his parents rehabs at 15, swinging a hammer at condo conversions at 16, to knocking on Pre-Foreclosure doors at 17, real estate is all he’s known.

Now specializing in working with lease purchasers to get them into a home and on the path to home ownership.  To get into any of our homes does not require credit.  We look at your complete picture as a buyer and come up with a plan to get you into any of our homes.

I often hear our buyers say, “It’s almost too good to be true.  The process was so easy and so painless.”  That is our goal and it’s very satisfying to hear day in and day out.

As a whole we provide solutions to both buyers and sellers who thought they had, ‘No way out.’

View our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau as well as testimonials from buyers, sellers, and Realtors who have worked with us please view our website

Also please check out our website for several video’s explaining how the process works.

We look forward to getting you into a home!”


kayla bio

Kayla Beach

Kayla Beach is General Manger of Operations for Pre Property Solutions and Chew Publishing, Inc. dba/Smart Real Estate Coach handling over $2 mil in sales. Kayla has grown up with a real estate background. She has been involved with many raise the roof projects, rehabs and new construction projects and also excels in detailed and organizational work behind the scenes. Kayla graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 2008 and continued her education at Johnson and Wales University to study Equine Business Management/Riding. After Attending Johnson and Wales her interest in helping animals grew. She then went on to University of Rhode Island where she was the Captain of the URI IHSA Equestrian team for 3 years and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Technology. Kayla continued her commitment to the Equestrian team by becoming the Assistant Coach/Manager and helped coach the team to a regional win as well as many individuals to Zone finals and Nationals. Kayla currently resides in Newport, RI with her husband Zachary.

She enjoys educating both sellers and buyers about the unique options the family company has to offer. She also enjoys working with the coaching clients who are seeking to develop their own real estate businesses and owns a percentage of the coaching entity. Her energy and skill sets are enjoyed and appreciated by everyone she works with.

She continues to educate herself in the real estate field and has other entrepreneurial business interests with her husband and family members inside and outside of the real estate industry.


Zach Beach with Smart Real Estate Coach

Zach Beach

Zach has been around the real estate business for over 7 years. He has been a part of or has been mentored in a number of facets in the real estate world. Zach graduated from Shrewsbury High School in 2008 and continued his education at Bay State University to focus on Management/Marketing. He then took that knowledge and expanded it at UMASS Dartmouth to major in Marketing as well as minor in Finance.  While educating himself throughout his college years he worked in the restaurant industry.

His current focus is helping our students and members from many backgrounds and situations, looking to start or continue their REI business. He specializes in teaching members/students how to properly acquire properties. “Being able to generate leads is the corner stone of this business and he can help you consistently do that. This process begins with understanding the scripts that we have provided for you and being able to reiterate them to potential leads. This will take time but the more you practice the faster your business will grow. “

His day to day activities in the field are based on acquiring leads from Expired listing and FSBOs. He then will launch each property on the internet and other sources.

If you are a student or in any of our programs, he looks forward to working with you and share some of his secrets that will help you grow your business to its fullest potential.

It was a natural fit for him to be involved in this part of the business because at heart he is a problem solver and people person. His skills in marketing and finance have allowed him to thrive in such a short period of time in this business.

Zachary is always educating himself and is always striving to become the best he can be. He is constantly looking for ways to sharpen his skill set in order to educate others. “Working closely, so closely with professionals in the industry such as Chris and Nick has really taught me a lot about Real Estate and has allowed me to grow into the professional I am today.”.