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Purchase type: Lease/Purchase with monthly principle only payments $503.
Term: 48 months
Purchase Price: 48,700 with Principle Only Payments of $503 per month
$69,900, $753 per month and $8,753 down payment
Pay Day #1: 
$8,753 ($8k + 1 month rent)
Pay Day #2: 
$753 – $503 = $250 x 48 months = $12,000
Pay Day #3: 
Sold for $21,700 More + ($503 x 28) = $24,144) = $45,844
Total Pay Days: $66,597 if full term

* We sold on a 24 month lease as buyer will pay cash on or before then which will reduce pay day #2 and #3 so the profit may be closer to $39,000.

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Mike Ryan (Police Officer)


Thanks for the quick call yesterday! I look forward to the opportunity to spend more time doing deals together in the future once I’m able to start with the JV program – which will be soon!

As I mentioned on the call, just the one technique of lowering the rent to an amount not including the taxes in and of itself has led to a large amount of activity on some of my properties. Last week I had a home tour and about 18 different prospective buyers showed up! Tonight I’m hosting another and currently I have 17 different people scheduled to come to the one hour tour!…. and I haven’t even sent out a text blast to everyone else who inquired on the property yet! Yesterday I took a $1,000 deposit and had the buyer LOI & receipt agreement endorsed by buyers for this same property! Got them to commit to over $20k down during the lease term! So, tonight I get to have one more chance to see if I can find a better buyer!

Love the program, the QLS and membership site have been invaluable in giving me those last few pieces of the puzzle I needed…. can’t wait to see what happens once JV coaching starts!

Thanks again for your time!


Boulder (CO)

Chris and Team run a tight business with simple practices that have equated to big successs. After much deliberation and research, my husband and I made a signifigant investment in Chris’ Smart Real Estate coach program about 6 months ago. In these few months, we have been able to learn from a 25 year veteran and duplicate his business practices in our territory. The principles and strategies he teaches have been time tested and worked over. Due to this, the learning curve and element of risk has drastically decreased.

Chris still runs his real estate business along side of the coaching program. This is another benefit as a coaching client because he’s constantly tweeking and improving his systems and adding resources to share with us. He is an open book in this regard.

As a high 6 figure client we have had the privledge of Chris coming to our office in Colorado and most recently going to his office in Newport RI for hands on, in person coaching. This type of approach along with complete transparency is what differentiates Chris from the rest.

Chris truly cares about the success of his partners and helping us reach and exceed our goals. He has opened our eyes to a wealth strategy that only a industry veteran could. His simple approach has been easily implemented and when we’ve hit road bumps he’s coached us through.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Chris and team for years to come and building a lifetime of wealth togther.

Alana and Gabriel Haney


Claudia Dill

I have just returned from an amazing 2 day visit with the team at the Smart Real Estate Coach office. As I told Chris after the 2016 QLE event, “Once again, you actually got me to sit still for extended periods of time!” That’s how fascinating the whole experience was.

That said, I must admit that the planned sequence was well-done such that I rotated into a different environment with different members of the team comfortably.

My main takeaways:

– An excellent learning experience while they remained productive. I shadowed everyone in their workspace/job…all of which I need to be able to do myself. I found it extremely motivating to further understand both the mechanics and the psychology of the calls.

– The sheer volume of phone/email “touches” that Chris, Nick and Zach make in a day is mind-boggling. No wonder they do as many deals as they do. While I’ve been hearing it for months, to actually see it happening was, for me, a real eye-opener. Deals for themselves and for the JV partners were getting started right before my eyes. I get it!

– There were SO SO many little tweaks and tidbits that I had never done, thought of or was unaware of as they adapted to each individual buyer or seller situation on the spot. Fine tuning. Working with it. Big picture. I get it about transaction engineering!

– I sorely needed some guidance and modeling re: the physical setup of my office. Kayla showed me her systems for the large number of active properties with the various types of formats all organized. She showed me how each file is organized the same with a primary checklist stapled to the outside. Etc etc! I already have made changes in the last 2 days that make my office feel so much more efficient and relaxed…with more to come.

-On the 2nd day, my house viewing trip with Zach was still more education. I have done several of these myself. The situations the sellers were in and their homes were very diverse. Zach adapted and spent as much or as little time as necessary to get the jobs of evaluation and rapport done.

The Prefontaine hospitality cannot go unmentioned. My quarters were excellent and we were able to relax and enjoy each other, including delightful “matriarch” Kim, with a fine dining experience.

My 4 biggest “aha’s” (so late we get so smart):
1. Focus solely on revenue-producing activities.
2. This can be much simpler if you just follow the protocols/sequences/concepts, whatever you want to call them.
3. Yes, establish rapport. But do not take anything personally.
4. The team is there to support you. Use them!

All of which can lead to a more balanced lifestyle and greater, real wealth.

Thank you Chris, Kim, Kayla, Nick and Zach.



……but thank you all for a wonderful visit! We both got so much from our time with you and I feel we’re well prepared to meet and exceed the goals we laid out during our time with you. A few individual shout-outs are in order:

Kayla – thank you for showing us the possibility of order amidst chaos. Your systems will be copied and slavishly followed and hopefully allow us to spend more time making seller calls and less time fussing with the daily minutiae. I can’t wait to replicate “Kayla’s Corner” in my own office!

Nick – thank you for taking us on a tour of a previously-ignored world, the Universe of Buyers. The way you guide Buyers to discover new ways to increase their non-refundable deposits is inspirational and will serve us well as we start to deal with our future tenant buyers. One word of caution: better start gearing up for D.C., because we’ll need you very soon!

Zach: thank you for teaching me the art of “dispassionate passion” when dealing with Seller leads. Seriously, in spite of my multiple pit stops and incessant whining about being in a car for so long, our day yesterday was invaluable, and I truly appreciate your guidance and the solid lessons along the way. Looking forward to your assistance in helping us to close “Emma” on Saturday.

Chris: I can’t tell you how happy I am with my decision to join your team. You have done an outstanding job of building a team and a business that will continue to grow and thrive, and I’m delighted to be part of it. You inspire me to greatness and I promise I won’t let you down.

With fondest regards


Mike M


Claudia Dill

Hi Chris, Kim, Nick, Kayla & Zach,

I know I thanked your whale there but I want to reinforce that strongly – it was refreshing, educational and very supportive! Your ongoing patience has been amazing.

This is a powerful experience to offer to us JV partners. Basically it provides a real “quantum leap” – oh – that sounds familiar! Anyway, your hospitality was wonderful. I am lucky to know your all.



Dear Chris, Kim, Zach, Nick and Kayla:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful office visit I had yesterday. Thank you for your warm welcome! Everything was perfect from hotel stay (thank you for the welcome gift at check in) to a wonderful dinner on the water. I enjoyed great conversation, chatting and getting to know everyone. Also it was so nice meeting Kim, the backbone of a successful business man

I am so impressed with your efficiency and system you have going. I still don’t know what you do to help all 20+ partners around the country but you do it and do it so well!

It is also so great for me to see the team is so close, you have a great tight family, which understandably is one of the reasons helps your business so successful, now helping others like myself to reach success as well.

I am very happy and thankful to be part of your team. You have already helped me so much already in the first 2 months without your coaching and encouragement I would not be where I am here already.

Looking forward to my first deal very soon and many more to come!


Jin, Atlanta Georgia

Thanks Chris for 1st deal. If not for your persistence in keeping up with the seller and his realtor, this wouldn’t have happened. I am beginning to see patience is key, and of course not to mention that filling the pipeline constantly is also critical. I have much to do on the latter. Availability of spare time is against me but it shouldn’t be an excuse as many others have overcame that and it’s no different for me.


David and Dave Mulvaney





Signing up and joining the JV program with Chris and his family was the best decision I could have made. No other REI program out there will give you such a hands on coaching team to help you through the learning process.
Being a JV partner has given me the opportunity to go out to Newport, RI where Chris and his family have their office. Seeing how everything is set up and how its being ran in person, confirmed that what Chris is teaching is exactly what he and his family are doing on a day to day basis. It also gave me that much more confidence that I can do this back home in California, and be financially successful in my own right.
As a High 6 partner, Chris came out personally to my city for three days. Working everyday one on one putting together deals, going over individual planned strategies for my business, and even going on appointments with sellers and buyers. Having him there with you and seeing how he interacts on the phone and in person, in your market, was such a great priceless learning experience that you won’t get with any other REI coaching program. I highly recommend Chris Prefontaine and his program to anyone who is looking for the education, and an experienced mentor to help get them out of the rat race and on the right path to financial freedom.


Mike Ryan, NJ

The membership site so far has been a goldmine so I’m happy to still be going through it.


Sergio Ortega

Yet another deal accepted this week.  This was the same seller that we closed on her other property at 1622 Dittmer cir in Palm Bay.  This property is tenant occupied with tenancy ending end of July.  She was selling for $180k, I bought her down to $172k with no money down on a Lease Purchase and will be converting to Owner Finance, with $850 per month principle only payments for 48 months.  Tenants currently are paying $1300 per month.  Numbers are as follows

  • Taken as follows:
  • $172k
  • payments $850 mth principle payments

If goes through full 36 month term: then profit as follows

  • Sell for $224k
  • PMT: $1500 mth
  • Cash Flow: $23,400 for 36 mth
  • Down Payment: $10-15k
  • Back end profit: $75,500
  • Total profit: Approx $116k total for all 3 pay days.

In the next 2-3 years I’ll have almost $200k profit just from 2 deals not even including the other one we have.  Can’t wait to get more under my belt.


Sergio Ortega

Once Again another successful closing to happen next week.  Only took approx 30 days from contract to close.  Originally contracted with owner for $175k with $4k down, but after finding out tenant/buyer was going to have less of a down payment coming in I was able to negotiate no money down and just increase the price by $180k.  Here is the break down.
Purchase price: $180k Owner Finance for 48 month term
Outgoing Payment: $1000 month principle payments only
Sale Price: $223k
Incoming Payment: $1650 mth
Payday #1 – down payment: $6000  
Additional Payday #1 – extra payment: $300 mth for 7 months
Additional Payday #1: down payment through the next 2 years of $8k 2018 and $8k 2019

Total down throughout term: $24,100
Payday #2: Cash flow every month: approx $500×36=$18k
Payday #3: Back end profit after sale:  $67k 
Total profits approx $109,000 


Sal B

Hi my name is Sal, I was an investor in the good old days of 2004-2007 until everything blew up. I took a break for a while until now. I have dozens of books, courses, watched webinars, videos, and been to many bootcamp seminars, I have spent tens of thousands. When I saw Chris and how he ran his real estate investing business I knew that he had what I needed to get back on my feet and into the investing business again. His QLS course is spot on. He breaks down exactly what you need to succeed and how the terms investing really works step by step. I have a lot of courses and his by far surpasses all of them. if you are a new investor and want to learn the true way of buying and selling on terms then this course is a must watch. if you are an old time investor like I was then this will add to your ways of investing and teach you new techniques. But what is even better is how he shows you a system to do multiple deals and not get stuck doing one at a time. I just signed up as a JV partner and I have accomplished more in 1 month then I have tried doing it my old way in the last 9 months. Thanks Chris and team! looking forward to doing many many deals together.


Sergio Ortega

Just want to give a shout out to Chris and his team once again on another successful JV deal. Seller came from yellow letter returned mail expired after a year on MLS. They agreed to sell for full asking price from original listing on terms owner finance. After marketing, 30 days later we found a buyer and assigned our terms over to them for a fee. There were a few hiccups with seller wanting to back out but chris convinced them after a few phone calls and some verbiage changed on the contract for their comfort level. We will be closing in next 2 weeks.. Here are the numbers.
Purchase price $559k
$1500 principle payments for 48 months

Sold those terms for assignment of $52k. Buyer very happy.

Thank you again chris for all the help. Not a bad check. Total time invested including 2 trips to home and phone time approx 24 hrs. On to the next one.


From Brian Bo****** from Ohio

We utilized the 6-Month Coaching option as we were already doing deals and were looking to make adjustments for growth. Chris Prefontaine truly is “the Smart Real Estate Coach”. This guy brings a great level of personal professionalism and understanding to the table when dealing with new coaching students and jv partners. He is upbeat and energetic, plus always positive and cuts out the fluff to get straight to business in the friendliest manner possible. Our team is looking forward to continuing our relationship with Chris and his family to create a stronger bond that will allow us to constantly improve ourselves and our business so we can do fantastical things in this world.

Sincerely, Perfect Home Buyers.



Chris, here is another deal, my 3rd actually which is about to be sold this week so two in one week. Not bad for a rookie.

This deal was my neighbors first house that has been vacant for a couple of years and they were just looking to get rid of it.  It’s an old farm house that was updated with a few additions, about 2,600 sq. ft. on 3 acres. They had trouble with selling through a Realtor and on their own.  It took several discussions as they could not decide whether they wanted us to stay in the deal or assign back to them.  I told them we could get an agreement signed and I’ll put it out on the market to see what we get for buyers and they could decide from there.  Within a week I had 32 phones calls and about a dozen or so emails.  There were 3 buyers that I spoke with that were serious, one showing, and now we are setting up the buyers meeting after Thanksgiving.  I didn’t even get a chance to get back to all the other buyers as we found a good strong buyer with some decent cash and will allow us to collect our entire AO fee in about 18 months or less.  The kicker here is that we are keeping 100% of the deposit versus sharing with the seller.

Here are the details for this AO.
Purchase Price – $210,000
Sales Price – $249,900
Payday #1 – $41,100 all total
– $10K by 12/9 deposit plus first month’s rent ($1,100)
– $5k on 3/3017
– $5k on 6/30/17
– $5k on 9/30/17
– $5k on 12/30/17
– $5k on 3/30/17
– $5k on 6/30/17

Total profit is $41K
Thanks again for all the help and support. It’s greatly appreciated.


Don S in Pa

Here is my second deal sold this week as I write this and 3rd deal since working with you, I just met the buyers today for a meeting to collect their $1,000 binder on a $500K dollar house where we are looking to close on December 9th and the profits are Huge!

This house was free and clear, 2,800 sq. ft., Solar energy fed, and on 30 acres of land and the seller was looking to move to Texas to be closer to his kids.  He had trouble selling and did not like the offers he was given as he was looking to get around $400K and was willing to subdivide the land to keep it in clean and green and in Pennsylvania, that just means lower property taxes.  Time was on our site as he wanted to get moving with the winter and Holidays approaching.

I contacted the seller and he was willing to do terms and just needed to understand the details.  So I asked Chris to follow up to see if we could do something with the land and / or get this under agreement.  After many conversations Chris had with the seller, he did not want a lease purchase in case something happened while he was in Texas so we agreed to owner financing principle only payments and to cash out in 24 months.  We had it re-surveyed and kept 10.25 acres of land for a purchase price of $420,000 because he actually was happier that we didn’t want all the land to develop.  When Chris called him he was going to go the subdivide and develop route or single lot with home- whichever the seller wanted as he was getting calls from developers and preferred the family compound around it NOT be developed.

Long story short here, Chris worked with the seller over a few phone and email conversations on a somewhat creative custom deal where we would purchase and NOT contingent on finding a buyer within a 2 month timeframe.  The seller was wanting to join their family in Texas and be moved by Thanksgiving.  I was not a big fan of this being new to the game but trusted Chris and team in addition to PA has a 2% transfer tax cost as well and I didn’t know how we’d pull that off.  I was little nervous with taking this leap and trusted Chris and team and texted him one day letting him know that I didn’t want to get caught with my pants down and come out of pocket with all that cash if we don’t find a buyer.  He said, deep breath, then you just pull them back up… We’ll find a buyer.  So here we are, with a solid buyer that will cash us out in 24 months.  We have the buyer set up to sign with our attorney the same day as the purchase on our end on 12/9/16.

As we were marketing this house, Chris had mentioned that he and his team could help with the buyers with their Buyer Done-For-Your Service that his son Nick runs for the team and allow me to focus on the seller side and getting ramped up to add an assistant or some family help to train of my own.  I agreed which was a great help and added to the success in getting the deal done within the timeframe for the seller to leave town.  It was a win-win and well worth the time and very little effort for such a big payday and his team basically delivered a buyer 100% done and ready to meet me to give the binder.

Here are the details about the deal.
Purchase Price – $420,000
Sales Price – $499,900
Monthly Payment to Seller – $1,540 (100% Principle pay down)
Monthly Payment from Buyer – $2,100
Payday #1 – $64K all total deposits
Payday #2 – $13K roughly depending upon cash out date
Payday #3 – $52K ($79k back end plus $37K principle paydown minus $64K deposit)

Total profit is $129K  (Cha Ching!!)
I couldn’t thank Chris and team enough for the mentoring, guidance, phone calls, texts, etc.  Overall, if you are on the fence about getting a mentor / partner to help you succeed in this business, you won’t find a more dedicated and honest group of people to work with.  I know, I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollar working with other gurus and folks over the years with little to no deals.  Chris and his team are the real deal and are available every day. The three deals with them so far netted us $66,000, $129,000 and $41,000.  See the simple $41,000 below.

Thanks again and looking to more profitable deals. I’m loving the $236,000 pay day with you in 3 deals!


Stone Hearth (11.30.16)

Hi Chris,
Today is a happy day.  I just placed a tenant buyer into my first property. It has been a lesson in patience and perseverance.

The house was acquired by a Lease/Purchase for what was owed for a term of 36 months.
We sold to a strong tenant buyer moving in with a projected time frame to mortgage-readiness of 12-18 months.
Throughout the 3 months it took to find the right tenant buyer, Nick and the Team were extremely patient and supportive as we weeded through dozens of applicants.  I never felt alone in the process and certainly have learned a LOT.  And when it came time to seal the deal, Kayla was right there for me.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support, education and motivation.

Here are the details:
Purchase Price: $160,440
Sale Price: 189,900
Payday #1 Total: 10,500
At signing: 7,138 (5,700 + $100 DP + 1st month rent of $1,338)
Monthly Additional: 1,800 (100 x 17 months)
Feb 2017: 1,500
Feb 2018: 1,500
Payday #2: 5,365 ($298 spread x 18 months)
Payday #3: ~30,000 + principle pay down for 18 months
Total Profit: ~$45,865

Great stuff. I’m looking forward to many more deals with you as partners.



Purchase type: Lease/Purchase with monthly principle only payments $503.
Term: 48 months
Purchase Price: 48,700 with Principle Only Payments of $503 per month
$69,900, $753 per month and $8,753 down payment
Pay Day #1: 
$8,753 ($8k + 1 month rent)
Pay Day #2: 
$753 – $503 = $250 x 48 months = $12,000
Pay Day #3: 
Sold for $21,700 More + ($503 x 28) = $24,144) = $45,844
Total Pay Days: $66,597 if full term

* We sold on a 24 month lease as buyer will pay cash on or before then which will reduce pay day #2 and #3 so the profit may be closer to $39,000.



Sergio O

I joined the JV partnership In April of 2016. I spoke with Chris & Team and developed a game plan. During the next few months I received a referral from Chris and Nick on a few properties in Florida which is my home town coincidentally. I made an appointment with the seller and she was relocating and one of the tenants on her second home was vacating. She agreed to sell the property for what she owed (subject to) with the stipulation that she received $2k on each property.

We started marketing the property and received tons of interest. Both properties needed some work(cosmetics only). After a few months we obtained a tenant buyer who agreed to fix up the property while they lived there. We had a buyers meeting and wrapped up that property 30 days after the meeting. The numbers were fantastic. We locked it up for $68k with the seller plus the $2k to her at closing, mortgage PITI were $630 per month.

We sold it to the tenant buyer for $124k payments of $1400 for 6 months and $1200 thereafter, with a total of $15k down payment over the 24 month term of which $1400 plus first month rent was collected with our attorney at the signing. We used tenant buyers money to close on this deal and our next piece of Payday #1 will be $8k. Plus another $3k on both tax days 2017 and 2018. Total profits with down payment, cash flow and back end cash out is close to $75k. Not a bad payout. Chris and his team were excellent. They were only a phone call or email away and walked me through all the steps. The other home will be closing soon in next few months for another profit of $18k. That one we will wholesale to a cash buyer who already wants it. Looking forward to many more deals.



Sean Hannigan

My name is Sean Hannigan. I’ve been a police officer for the past 19 years in the suburbs of Philadelphia. In April of 2015, I was looking for an eventual exit strategy from the police force and a post retirement business plan. I had an interest in real estate investing and I knew from prior business experience with Chris Prefontaine that Chris had a wealth of experience in the real estate industry. In April 2015, I started in a coaching program with Chris personally. Chris helped me connect with a virtual assistant to quickly develop a steady flow of leads for me to speak with. Within the first 100 leads, I had several promising conversations and by the end of June 2015, I had my first signed agreement for a sandwich lease deal. The deal could not have gone any smoother. The deal came in to me from a For Sale By Owner lead via my Virtual Assistant – I didn’t even have to call at first! I had a brief conversation with the seller who indicated a strong desire to get out of her mortgage and who was open to different options to accomplish that goal. I emailed that recorded call to Chris. I emailed the seller with a summary of how I could help her and Chris followed up with a phone call to answer any questions that the seller had. Within 1 week from that call, I visited the home and left with a signed agreement. Without Chris’ coaching, the process would probably have seemed overwhelming but in working with Chris, you learn to relate to people’s needs and be system driven from a business perspective. It also helps that I’ll pocket roughly $10,000 up front, $700 per month net income for 48 months and another $20,000 or so when cashed out – I think that makes my coaching investment return approximately 5x what I spent – not bad!!!


Laurie T

I asked for and received a ten percent down payment (15,000) the monthly lease amount is 1400 and the contract is for two years. I bought this house originally to flip. I paid 75,000 and I put in around 25 to fix it up. The purchase price is 149,900 so by the end of the deal, I will have made 50 grand over two years, plus 24 for the lease payments so over $83,000 in income all total. Not too bad!…and all this while only accessing the membership area – super, super helpful!


Jeff and Tami Surridge

We have been in two Master Mind groups with Chris and have already registered for the next one coming up. The knowledge, support, and encouragement we receive from being a part of this group are truly invaluable and have helped us so much in our business. It’s great to have the opportunity to talk with other people who are going through some of the same challenges and successes that we are, and it gives us a sense of camaraderie. Chris is amazing and answers our questions and gives us education and suggestions during our group discussions. He is also in the trenches every day doing this business and also has many years of experience in real estate, and he selflessly shares with us the lessons and victories he experiences in his own business for the benefit of helping us. The expertise and guidance he provides is something you can’t put a price on. We are also in Chris’ one-on-one coaching and would highly recommend that as well. We just got four properties under contract in 9 days thanks to Chris’ help and support. We would highly recommend Chris’ coaching and Master Mind groups and are so thankful to be a part of them. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Rick Cohn

Dear Chris, I very much appreciated your taking the time to make your presentation Thursday night. I’m sure it was the end of a very long day for you. The feedback I received indicated that you were clearly knowledgeable and in the real world doing the very deals you described. Your presentation maintained interest with stories, and there was good audience participation throughout. I feel the listeners had gained some insights in to a way of doing real estate practiced by almost no on here in R.I. and you made available some very valuable tools for implementing your strategies. In short, I was delighted you made the presentation. We’ll be adding your webpage to our list of links. Based upon the experience of other speakers I think you will see some business coming from our group. With sincere thanks, Rick


Claudia D.

Hi Chris, I went through a lot of your new material posted today and want to thank you for it! I really needed and appreciate the Getting Started video as well as Nick’s info on the internal checklists and marketing to buyers and your latest re: my business plan for 2016. The membership area is quite amazing! I also didn’t realize as a JV member I could ask Nick and others on your team some of my questions.


Sheldon Cuffy

Hi Chris, Great call today, got lost of great nuggets! By the way I forgot to mention that the deals I got this week were are as a result of emailing your lease purchase explanation to the sellers, who then called me back and said yes.


Jamiah Griggs

Thanks for being such a great coach and a very nice person. It is so hard to meet someone who has achieved what you have and not let the money go to your head. You care about others. I think you’re a great guy and I have learned a lot from you. Whatever it takes!!


Kate M.

I’m a social worker by training and have only a small amount of experience in real estate investment. Chris turned out to be the perfect mentor for me, as he takes me step by step through the many processes that he knows so well. Even my most basic questions are taken seriously and I always feel like I’m getting traction and making headway week after week. I’m not floundering anymore by aimlessly and endlessly searching through real estate investment websites or other types of coaching that don’t have anything to do with my goals. I now have solid plans and objectives that I am continuously meeting as long as I show up and do the work. Chris encourages me to take steps on my own when I am ready but is always there with a helping hand for when I’m unsure of what to do next. I would highly recommend coaching and mentoring with Chris Prefontaine whether you are a beginner or have many years in the field. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and is always happy to impart it.


Enis S.

Hey Chris, It was absolutely amazing to be part of your team for a day. It motivated me to push forward on my business and adopt many of the strategies we discussed. Nick, Kayla and Zach were great and now I understand why you are able to close so many deals on a monthly basis: You got a rock solid team! I look forward to the 10/1 event where I’m sure will be a lot more to learn, and network with other investors, attorneys and guest speakers. Thank you, Enis S.


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Frequently asked Questions

How soon can I expect to do a deal by studying your QLS program?

That will depend upon your experience. If you’re brand new it’s too early to tell but based on our experience you should plan on 30-150 days. We can help you more with that after you’ve gone through the complimentary webinar on your Strategy Call.

(You go through a complimentary webinar on the strategy call? This is confusing)

Do I need a license?

Chris talks about this extensively in his book REAL ESTATE on your terms but the short answer is that you don’t need a license in most states to buy and sell your own property.

Here’s a small excerpt from the book:
Generally speaking, if you have an equitable interest in a property or own a property, you are acting on your own behalf and are not conducting a service for others for a fee and, as such, you do not need a license.

Some states do require a license to assign an option. With the advice of a local attorney, you can adapt YOUR TERMS, or you can add a real estate agent to your team. In Florida, a person who is not a principal in the company needs a license. (For example, if you hire an acquisitionist on your team—like Zach is for us)—he or she needs a license.

How do I know what forms to use for each deal I do?

We actually share all of our forms that we’ve paid our attorneys 10’s of thousands of dollars to customize for our types of transactions. As a member you have full access to those. You’ll want to have your local attorney review them to insure you’re in compliance. Some states have already been vetted as we have JV Partner’s in those states doing deals.

There are a lot of mentors, teachers and speakers in the Real Estate industry, what makes you different?

We’re not aware of many (if any) family teams mentoring AND simultaneously working in the trenches doing deals. We are constantly updating our techniques, contracts, etc. to the current market. We’re also not aware of a partnering program like ours in which you have access to all 4-5 team members plus other partners to brainstorm with.

How do you guys generate leads, I heard it costs 10’s of thousands to mail?

We don’t do a lot of mailings and do not suggest anyone start like that – it’s too costly and not as predictable as other methods of lead generation. We generate approximately 50% from our Virtual Assistants’ team who specialize in FSBO (For Sale By Owner Leads) and another 50% from an automated Expired Dialing Process that we’ve perfected in house and is available to all members and JV Partner’s.

How many hours do I need to put into this per week?

That will depend upon your goals, your present experience, skill sets and more. After you go through the Quantum Leap Systems Home Study Course and do your free Strategy Call with us, we can help you determine the exact time commitment. Most of our students work a full time job (at least at first) and can afford to spend 5-10 hours weekly.

Will this work in my market?

Real Estate has been done in your market for decades before we existed and will continue to be done after we’re gone. There may be nuances we can assist with in your market and we’ll determine that on your strategy call.

Can I do this if I have no experience?

That will depend upon your experience. If you’re brand new it’s too early to tell but based on our experience you should plan on 30-150 days. We can help you more with that after you’ve gone through the complimentary webinar on your Strategy Call.

(You go through a complimentary webinar on the strategy call? This is confusing)


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